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This blog is my attempt to gather together information concerning lifestyle learning and homeschooling that is or has been helpful to me. It is also a place to record educational activities and pictures. I wish I would have had the idea before now... it would have been nice to have had a record of our lifestyle of learning journey. So if you are considering using a blog as a record of your ongoing education and homeschooling years, don't wait to do it... do it now. It can be fun to scratch that creative itch... but a word of warning... it can also be VERY time consuming.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Definition for Learning

*Learning is not in knowing the answer.  It's in the PROCESS of finding the answer.
*Learning is not in writing the answer you found but in ANALYZING the answer.
*Learning is not WHAT is the answer but WHY is this the answer.
*Learning is not in realizing you got the wrong answer but in understanding why your answer is wrong.
*Learning is more about knowing WHERE and HOW to find the answer than in finding the answer itself.
*Learning is being able to formulate an opinion and back up your opinion with evidence.
*Learning is about analyzing the source of information as much as the information.
  By Karen Caroe