Welcome to my lifestyle of learning blog....

This blog is my attempt to gather together information concerning lifestyle learning and homeschooling that is or has been helpful to me. It is also a place to record educational activities and pictures. I wish I would have had the idea before now... it would have been nice to have had a record of our lifestyle of learning journey. So if you are considering using a blog as a record of your ongoing education and homeschooling years, don't wait to do it... do it now. It can be fun to scratch that creative itch... but a word of warning... it can also be VERY time consuming.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Incredible Children!!

It continually amazes me how God has created such a wonderful blend of personality, looks & charm in my children. (...don't roll your eyes at me ... you know you think the same about yours...) They have unique talents and giftings that could only be placed there by God...because many of those traits are there in spite of me -- not because of me!!!  I'm so thankful for the privilege of being their Mom.... and for the additional privilege of learning together!